Author PicCharlynn Clayton (1991-) was born in Laramie, Wyoming the youngest of two children. Having lived in a few different states including Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma, she prefers the Northern states where it can get cold enough to kill the bugs. 

She enjoys traveling the world with her Grandmother. Thus far her favorite place has been west Ireland, county Galway, where she spent six weeks writing Winter's Reach and Scath's Manipulation. 

She has self-published three books, Oberon's Court, Winter's Reach, and Scath's Manipulation, which together make up The Chamberlin Family Adventures: The Origin Story and are available on






Born April of 1991 in the small college town of Laramie Wyoming, Charlynn spent the first years of her life in a snow blanketed playground. In the midst of horseback riding, cattle branding, and camp outs, her first occupational dream was that of cowgirl. This dream didn’t change when her father’s job uprooted the Clayton family from their small town lives and moved them to Denver, Colorado.


Thus began a three year stint in a large city where Charlynn became more accustomed to ‘city-life’ with it’s diversities. The biggest culture shock came when, April 20th of 1999, the Columbine Shooting occurred. Charlynn and her older sister, were enrolled in an elementary school in the same district as Columbine. The day of the shooting, they shut the elementary school down and their mother, who worked in the school cafeteria to be near them, couldn’t get to them. It was after this incident the girls requested to be homeschooled. Neither of them returned to the public school system until their collegiate careers.


After Colorado, they moved to the small town of Ingleside, Texas. This was Charlynn’s first experience with the hot, muggy air of the deep south and, not so coincidentally, when she really began to enjoy the adventures the written word provided. Finding the oppressive heat not at all to her liking, Charlynn spent more and more of her time indoors. In her teens, she became immersed in the worlds of talking mice, telepathic dragons, and wand wielding wizards.

By the end of her eight years in Texas, Charlynn, now a confirmed bibliophile, knew she wanted to be a writer. Books had opened her eyes to see the world on a much deeper level. She began by writing small poems, eventually progressing to short stories and novels. It was also during this time she began attending Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas.


When her family moved again, this time northwards to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Charlynn took a year off college to focus on her writing. She finished her first novel and spoke with enough agents and publishers to know she needed more experience in writing, and in life, if she truly wanted to be a writer.

Branching out from her family for the first time, Charlynn moved back to her birthplace to attend the University of Wyoming. The next two years were full of life, the ups and downs, and classes, until Charlynn realized the only way she was going to become a writer was to write. She dropped out of college, moved back to Tulsa where her family was still living, got a job, and focused primarily on setting up her life to write.


All of that brings us to now where Charlynn is the Office Engineer at an engineering firm in Tulsa, as well as the author of The Chamberlin Family Adventures: The Origin Story. She is currently working on the first novel in the series, Between Worlds.


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