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Welcome! This is exciting news! Charlynn now has a website to keep everyone up to date. Check out the Home page for latest news or send her a message on the Contact page. Comments and reviews on the Books page are encouraged. You can also subscribe to the email list to receive the latest news… Read more »


Don’t forget to check out the first three novelettes in The Chamberlin Family Adventure series! Oberon’s Court, Winter’s Reach, and Scath’s Manipulation are available on Get your copies today!

  • Between Worlds Trailer

    Between Worlds The Trailer   The Between Worlds Trailer is now here! Check it out below. Be sure to get your copy of Between Worlds the book when it’s released on 7/1/2016. The images featured in the trailer are pictures I took when I was in Ireland a couple of years ago. It was a… Read more »

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    Posted on June 13, 2016 by
  • While We’re Waiting…

    Between Worlds   While we’re waiting for the ever diligent bleeders of red ink to finish polishing Between Worlds, I am working on a very special treat for you guys. It’s stretching my creativity to its very limits, which is a fun challenge for me. To top it off, I think you guys will enjoy… Read more »

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    Posted on April 1, 2016 by
  • Last Round of Edits!!

    Between Worlds, July 1st To my favorite readers, I have some exciting news! Between Worlds is now in the last round of edits. Several of my friends and family have been selected, nay, chosen to add their comments and they have taken up the call with fervor. Trust me, there is red ink everywhere. The… Read more »

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    Posted on March 28, 2016 by
  • Writing in Maine

    Hey all!! I’m writing to you today from a cottage in Maine. The view is gorgeous, the company is fantastic, and the ambiance is word inspiring. The next three days are going to be filled with sun, laughter, and inspiration. Between Worlds is moving along at a steady pace now and I fully expect to… Read more »

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    Posted on September 4, 2015 by
  • Faeries Are Back!

    Whoo! What a whirlwind few months. I had to live in reality for a little while (yes, it sucked. I don’t recommend it for anyone who enjoys their sanity) but I can gladly say my faeries are back! I’m walking in the Forest of Andruka once more and I want to invite you all, my… Read more »

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    Posted on August 21, 2015 by
  • Editing Update 2-25-15

    Hey All! This is just a quick update: Between Worlds, the sequel to Scath’s Manipulation, is 20,000 words into the editing process. Those words are being reviewed by two different people and I have heard nothing but good feedback. Of course, I haven’t seen their actual edits so I haven’t had to change anything yet…. Read more »

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    Posted on February 25, 2015 by